DSS Professional

General Surveillance Management Center
Embedded Linux operating system, C/S software architecture
Support hot standby for master server
Support N M hot standby for slave server High Flexibility and Scalability
Up to 20 slave server can be managed per master server
Support up to 5-level cascade
Support unlimited accounts management, 8000 online users and 500 roles

• Hardware for Server
CPU E5-2640 [email protected] 8 Core Processor
Memory 16GB
System Disk 1TB, 500G free for DSS
Ethernet port 4 Ports@1000Mbps
CPU E3-1220 [email protected] 4 Core Processor
Memory 8GB
System Disk 1TB, 500G free for DSS
Ethernet port 2 Ports@1000Mbps
• Hardware for Control Client
CPU Intel Core i5, 64 bits 4 Core Processor
Memory 8GB
Graphics Card NVIDIA® GeForce®GT 730
Hard Drive Capacity 200G free for DSS Control Client
Ethernet port 1000Mbps
CPU Intel Core i3, 64 bits 4 Core Processor
Memory 4GB
Graphics Card Intel® HD Graphics 4400
Hard Drive Capacity 100G free for DSS Control Client
Ethernet port 1000Mbps
Performance Specification
Org, User and Role
Organization 10 hierarchies, 999 organizations per hierarchy
Role( User Permission) 100
User 200 online users and unlimited users
Device and Channel
Total Device and Camer Channel 500 devices, 1500 video channels
Dahua 500 Devices, 1500 video channels
Auto-Register 200 devices, 500 video channels
ONVIF 100 Channels
Media Transmission Server
Video Input per Server 600 Mbps
Video Output per Server 600 Mbps
Playback,Storage and Download
Playback Bandwidth per Server 100 Mbps
Video Storage Bandwidth per Server 600 Mbps
Maximum Capcity per Storage Server 200TB
Download Task UP to 5 per Client
Number of alarm reception without Pic 80 per Second
Number of alarm reception with Pic 5 per Second
Hierarchy of Raster Map 8 Hierarchies
Hot zone of Raster Map 32 per Hierarchy
Map size of Raster Map Up to 15MB
Channel Number Up to 200(GIS and Raster)

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