Mixingpower Amplifier


Mixing Power Amplifiers are designed to be highly costeffective solutions to the demands of PA applications. They offer high levels of performance and versatility and are especially well-suited for broadcasting paging and supplying background music in schools, offices,
shops, factories,mosques, churches, and largemeeting rooms.
This series supports 100W, 150W, 250W and 350W power options.
Three partition volume independent adjustment, Two-channel input, two-channel microphone.

MAX Power : 250W
Frequency Response : 80Hz-18KHz¬Ī2dB
Sensitivity : AUX: -10dBMIC:-52dB
Signal Noise Ratio : ‚Č•80dB
Monitor Output : 4 dB
AC Input : AC220V¬Ī10PHz
Output Mode / Main : 4-16‚Ą¶ /70V/100V
Output Model / 3 zones : 100V


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