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  • Fingerprint


    Boîtier métallique
    Utilisation extérieure
    Communication RS485,TCP/IP,USB-host
    Identification : emp. Digitale et Carte de proximité
    Capacité : 1500 empr 10000 Cartes 100 000 événements
    Wiegand in and out
    Algorithme V10.0

  • InBio Series


    WiFi module
    TCP/IP and RS-485 communication
    Aux RS485 for fingerprint reader
    Wiegand interface for RFID reader
    Built-in auxiliary input and output

  • Electric Locks


    Electromagnétique 280Kg 

  • Fingerprint Reader


    USB Fingerprint Scanner
    and Card Issue Device
    Comm :USB 2.0/USB1.1/USB1.0
    Image Resolution 500 dpi
    Image Size : 280*360 pixel

  • Multi-Biometric Device


    Lecteur multi-biométrique avec authentification de veines et d’empreintes digitales
    Capacité : 5000 cartes1000 empr 1000 Veines
    Com : TCP/IP, USB-host
    Webserver, WorkCode, Printer, Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm, Doorbell
    Wiegand in and out
    Algorithme ZKFinger VX10.0, ZKFingerVein VX3.0

  • Elevator Control


    Centrale Ascenseur
    Floor Button Control Relay : 10
    Fingerprint Capacity : 3000
    RFID Card Capacity : 30000
    Event Capacity : 100000
    Power Supply : 12V DC 1A
    Communication : TCP/IP, RS485
    Communication to EX16 : RS485
    Number of supported EX16 : 3
    Dimension (L×D×H) : 242mm*95mm*60mm
    Net weight : 0.8Kg

  • Swing Barrier


    Fingerprint & RFID Reader
    Power requirements: AC110V/220v,50/60HZ
    Working environment: Indoor
    Lane width(mm): 1,050
    Footprint(mm*mm): 1610*1200
    Barrier movement: Swing
    Emergency mode : Y
    MCBF : 2 million

  • Full Height Turnstile


    • Modular design
    • Visible indicator
    • Semi-automatic mechanism
    • SUS304 stainless steel cabinet

  • X-Ray Machine


    Tunnel Size W507 × H305mm
    Speed 0.20 m/s
    Tube voltage 80KV
    Maximu m Load ≤120 Kg
    Wire Resolution 34 AWG (0.16mm metal wire)
    Space Definition Horizontal Φ1.0mm Vertical Φ2.0mm
    Penetrate Definition 32 AWG
    Penetration 8mm Steel board

  • Reader


    Read Range : Up to 5cm
    Power : USB 5V DC/Max.80mA
    LED indicator : 2 Color LED Indicators (Red&Green)
    Frequency : 125KHz
    Material : ABS PC with texture
    Operating system support : Emulation Keypad
    (Compatible with WIN98/2000/XP/VISTA/7)

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