Desktop Amplifier


Since the products include the pre-amplifier, you can directly connect and play the audio source!
Outputs in Amplifier: Main 4-16ohm / 70V / 100V, 2-Zone 100V and Inputs: 2 Aux Inputs, 1 Microphone Inputs, USB / SD Card etc.
This amplifier has over current protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection, DC protection, boot time delay and so on.

Max Power : 20W
Frequency Response : 80Hz-18KHz¬Ī2dB
Sensitivity : AUX: 10dBMIC:52dB
Signal Noise Ratio : ‚Č•80dB
Monitor Output : +4 dB
AC Input : AC 220V¬Ī10%50Hz
Output Mode / Main : 4-16‚Ą¶/70V/100V
Output Mode / 2 zones : 100V

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